American Angler Submission Guidelines Feature Stories Submit something we haven’t seen or read before. Be creative. Don’t give us something we can easily find online. Make it a “must-read” for the American Angler audience—think, “value added.”             Consider the story you want to write and decide if there’s a deeper element. We don’t want to read about how a fish fought really hard, and when it jumped it “blackened the sky (really, blackened the sky?)” and in doing so somehow saved your life. But, perhaps, there’s an opportunity to tell a guide or lodge owner’s story, or to detail the logistics of running a lodge, or tell about a fight to save a fishery, or impending struggles for a fishery . . . all within the context of fishing a certain area or for a particular species. Think deeper than catching a fish. Doesn’t have to be lodge-based and doesn’t have to be foreign and exotic. Domestic/Canada is welcomed and actually preferred. But, we’ll never rule out a good story, no matter where it takes place.             When writing, avoid cliches. Read your material out loud before submitting. If you lose your breath in the middle of a sentence, get … Continue reading Submissions