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For the third installment we found ourselves searching for high ground. Wet wading hasn’t kept us cool enough this season, so we packed up our backpacks and found some solitude amongst the cirques and stars. The camp vibes were strong, and the cold air left us looking forward to the fall fishing thats right around the corner. Summer is quickly coming to a close and we’re ready to switch gears from single handers to two-handers. We’re ready to trade mountains for beaches and riffles for tides. But not before a few more trips above tree-line where the wildflowers are still in full swing.

Asher & Brandon


Aside from filmmaking, we’re fly fishing guides who cover territory throughout Utah for 7 months of the year. We focus the majority of our trips on the high desert tailwaters and alpine streams in the northeast part of the state. Before we built up clientele it was all about us. Any spare moment was spent on a river somewhere in the west. The passion was flowing and we were charged up for every guide trip upon our return. After 6 years of watching the perpetual bobber down , yelling “set”, catching the same fish twice in a week, and getting boxed in on both sides by other anglers… we’ve decided were ready for a brief intermission.

This summer we are taking a few strategic days off each month during our PEAK SEASON to go explore. Fly fishing and the lifestyle it produces is an essential part of who we are, and sharing that passion with clients is an important part of the experience.

By no means is this a project about guides complaining about guiding. It’s a look into trying to maintain a healthy relationship with doing what you love for both work and play, how that balance plays out, and what struggles and triumphs arise with that sometime tenuous exchange.

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