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Artist Paints Montana Rivers Using Fly Rod

Artist Ben Miller recently packed up his belonging and headed to Montana to pursue his passion; creating works of art, one cast at a time.

This story comes to us by way of KBZK News Channel 7 of Bozeman, Montana. Reporter Judy Slate joins artist Ben Miller streamside on the Gallatin River for a story about “Fly Cast Paintings” and one artist’s unique perspective on the symbiotic nature of art and fly fishing.

“It just came to me one day that I could combine the two,” Miller said. “The urge is overwhelming to come to Montana and do this. And I look back (on) my life and everything I’ve done, it’s always been kind of this progression, and I think it’s a culmination of that, who I am even.”

You can read the entire article on the KBZK News Website. For more information about Ben Miller’s art visit


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